About me

I’m a dad and software engineer. I live in the mountains of North Carolina, and am currently working at Akamai.

In 2021, I did a batch at the Recurse Center where I’ve learned a lot about compilers, networking, and Rust.

I’ve worked for a few other organizations, but the work I’m most proud of is the time I spent working as a senior backend engineer at Zapier.

When I’m not parenting or working I enjoy hiking, reading, podcasts, learning, lifting weights, cooking, and occasionally writing on this blog.

About this site

Technologies used to build the site:

  • GitHub to host the code
  • Hugo a static site generator written in Go
  • Netlify to host my site and deploy it automatically from GitHub
  • neovim to write the content

I used to use Google Analytics, but I stopped in favor of Fathom Analytics, which is a privacy-focused analytics tool that doesn’t collect any personal information about you.

Getting in touch

Here is my GitHub.

There are several ways to reach me, but the best is probably via a DM on Twitter.

You can try Linkedin, but I rarely check that.